04 February 2009

Pizza Night!

Wednesday night is Pizza Night at our house. Has been for a long time now. If I ever forget, Blue Girl will remind me real quick like when I pull something other than Pizza fixins from the fridge.

I've been using those pizza crusts that come in a tube from the cold section of your grocery store. Well, I'm tired of paying close to $2 just for a mediocre crust before I add any sauce and toppings. I used my last crust a month or so ago and decided to go on a quest for a pizza crust recipe that wasn't too difficult to make on a weekly basis.

You know how whenever you come across a recipe that claims to be the "world's best _________" (fill in the blank) you just sit there and chuckle to yourself a little? I usually pass those by. They'll be really difficult and time consuming to make or have some sort of weird ingredient that you will never be able to find where you live.

I found one of those the other day. Mitch's Basic Pizza Dough. He claims it's the world's best!

So I decided to try it. I put all the ingredients into my bread machine, set it for dough and turned it on. An hour and a half later, I had a rather large ball of dough ready to use. I don't yet have a big pizza pan since I was using those store crusts, so last week I divided the dough into two pieces. I rolled it out and used a 12" pan. Made two nice pizzas. This week I made one large pizza using my broiler pan. The crust was like eating a thick crust ~ almost deep dish pizza. We had more than 1/2 left over! That means we will get 2 meals out of this one pizza! ~or~ Blue Girl will have food for the entire weekend. LOL

The dough had a nice flavor and was crispy-chewy. Very good dough that would be easy to add spices to for different flavors.

If you are a Pizza Night family like we are, try this dough. I don't know if it's the "world's best" but I do know you won't be disappointed. :D

Cost: dough ~ estimated at 50 cents
sauce ~ estimated at 20 cents
cheese ~ estimated at $3

Total cost: $3.70

(All estimates are from total product cost divided by number of pizzas I can make from it.)

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